Flying Yoga

Acro yoga has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. It blends  together elements of yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage. Thereby it combines the spiritual wisdom of yoga, the dynamic and playful energy of acrobatics and the loving kindness of Thai massage. Through the practice of Acro yoga you develop trust, connection and playfulness between you and your partner. The essence is to be in the here and now and in balance with each other. Acro yoga is suitable for people from all levels and ages, from beginner to advanced students.

There are three main roles in an Acro yoga practise: base, flyer and spotter. The base represents stability and grounding and is the individual who has the most points of contact with the ground. Most of the time this person is lying on the ground with the entire back torso in full contact. The main points of contact with the flyer are the feet, generally placed on the flyer’s hips. The flyer is the person who is elevated off the ground by the base and represents freedom and dynamic balance. A flyer needs balance, confidence and core strength. The spotter basically ‘spots’ the flyer to make sure the flyer lands safely. The spotter also supports the base and the flyer by making recommendations to improve alignment. The spotter represents safety and guidance. An Acro yoga workshop usually begins by building mutual trust through an opening circle and several yoga postures as a warm-up. The main part of the workshop will be the flying poses and for the more advanced students acrobatic flow. The workshop ends with the exchange of (Thai) massage.

The flying poses may look spectacular, yet they are mainly tools to let underlying themes appear. The unique playfulness of Acro yoga supports you to step out your comfort zone and build up trust and connection with others. Most styles of yoga are quite individual and focused on turning inwards. The meaning of yoga is to unite, to connect and to realize we are all one. In an increasingly digital world the desire for personal connections can be even stronger. This can explain the popularity and creation of Acro yoga. For me, Acro yoga is a beautiful way to interact with other yoga practitioners and to feel and experience my interconnectedness with other people. The practice of Acro yoga can stretch your body more deeply and in a different way, compared to a solitary yoga practise. It is a safe and fun way to meet new people and cooperate with others. Imagine how the world would change if everybody would practise Acro yoga on a sunny day at the beach? I guess it would be a fun and playful world to be in. Get out and play!

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