A meditative journey towards Bliss

Sit and be still
Sit and be still

Raja Yoga is also called the classical yoga. The word Raja means King and therefore Raja Yoga can be translated into the ‘King of Yoga practices’. You can consider your mind as the king. Raja yoga concerns with this king and its fluctuations through meditation. Intense meditation is the focal point of Raja yoga, while embracing the whole of yoga. This approach includes the adherence to the eight limbs of yoga as outlined by Patanjali.

I have just finished my first Teacher Training weekend. It was a profound and amazing experience. It feels special and wonderful to share your passion for yoga with others and learn more about the whole concept and practice of yoga. I’ve realized that my meditation practice has come alive again after this first weekend. First of all, because it is one of the homework requirements to practice pranayama and meditation on a daily basis. This is just the extra push I needed. Normally I would feel guilty to spent an hour or so in the morning to do my asana and meditation practice. Why practice yoga if you have to apply for jobs? Time goes quick and money is urgent, argues my mind. I now allow myself to take that extra bit of time and develop my home practice more and deeper.

The wonderful thing is that I actually save time by starting my day with yoga. I feel more relaxed and at ease with the result of making more efficient decisions during the day. I already knew this of course. Sometimes you need to start fresh over and over again, till it is part of you. I feel blessed that I gave myself the opportunity to start a Yoga Teacher Training. Not sure where my journey will head to, I only know that it feels so right. A yogi friend recently sent me an inspirational speech of Steve Jobs. He talks about the death and how the thought of our upcoming death can inspire you to live life to the fullest. This makes me realize what I really love doing (writing, yoga, counselling, inspire) and that I should trust that life will guide me.

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