A closer look at judgement

Judging, it is done so easily without fully realizing it. I betray myself quite regularly on not-so-nice judgement behaviour. Often, we have made the decision whether to like or dislike a person, quite soon after meeting her/him for the first time. It’s all about first impressions. Without exactly talking to a person – I make up a story in my mind about this person’s life and behaviour. Before I know, I have attached labels to persons;

  • He is always grumpy, so I won’t try to talk to him anyway,
  • She is a control freak and hard to deal with
  • She is shy and probably a bit boring
  • She definitely needs some therapy since she doesn’t look happy
  • He has such a perfect life and therefore has no empathy for others
  • He has rich parents and is terribly spoiled

And so on. I’m wondering what kind of labels people have attached to my appearance. I would like to bow to life, because it shows me time after the time that ‘judging’ brings me nowhere. It only surprises me if my judging is again absolutely not in the right direction. From the outside someone’s life could look perfect, but if you get to know a person better; almost everyone has his or her challenges and obstacles in life. As a Journey Practitioner, wonderful emotional transformations happen right in front of me. I feel so humbled and blessed towards life for showing me truth; showing me brave and open-minded people with real issues and raw emotions. Then, I can truly feel we’re ONE and we’re all connected. We’re in this (Life on this earth) together and we’re here to support each other and learn from each other. We’re here to Love and Live LIFE.

Sharing Life on the Earth
Sharing Life on the Earth

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