Tightness as a gift

Quite often I come across (potential) new yoga students who say; “I am too tight for yoga”. In my opinion you are never too tight for yoga. Not every pose will be accessible for every body, but this doesn’t make you a better yogi or yogini. A regular yoga practice is highly likely to increase your range of motion. This is definitely beneficial and for some of us the main reason to practice yoga and I see it as a complementary side-effect. When admiring my mum’s flexibility as a child she always said: “Flexibility can’t buy anything”. In other words it is not serving a purpose or is beneficial in everyday life to be super flexible. You can consider flexibility even as a disadvantage within your asana practice, since a flexible body is more likely to get injured due to overstretching. And for the yogis and yoginis with less range of motion, good news; you don’t have to go so far to experience a stretch and your body will give you clear signals if you’re going too far. If you’re up for a challenge and/or an advanced yoga pose; lie down in savasana for 15 minutes with a calm mind. That is the real yoga challenge; slow down your thoughts and ease your mind. Welcome to this lifelong journey, called Yoga.

I usually close my eyes ;-)
I usually close my eyes 😉

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