My way of dieting!


A couple of weeks ago I decided to prescribe myself a Mental Diet. I became aware how I easy it is to slide back into my old behaviour pattern of thinking negatively about myself, my life or others. Before you know I am complaining, comparing and judging. Time for a different attitude! So my aim for the next couple of weeks (and then months, then years and then always); is to be aware of any negativity I am creating. Are you joining me in this revolutionary way of dieting? Here are five tips to help you getting used to this new way of living:

1)      Tell your partner/close friends/family;

Especially in the beginning it is so easy to complain and moan, since that is what most of us are used to. If you’re really ready for change, your family and friends can help. If they are aware of your mental diet they can remind you if you get stuck in any negative thinking. It can be annoying at times, but this confrontation will be very valuable. At the same you can inspire your network to be more positive as well.

2)      Be authentic;

Being positive, doesn’t mean you’re always happy and content. You’re still a human being with emotions. Rather than identifying yourself with emotions, just experience your emotions, as moving energies. Look at little children; one moment they cry and the next moment they are smiling. They are in the moment and flowing with life. You can develop gratitude for your tears, since it means you have let go of sadness, you have created space for new energies and experiences.

3)      Be compassionate;

Don’t get discouraged, if you fall back into your old negative thinking. If you challenge yourself, it means you’re learning something new. If you make mistakes, it means you’re learning something new. It took years to develop a negative way of thinking, so it will take some time to transform that in a more positive life attitude. Be compassionate with your process and progress and don’t take yourself too seriously.

4)      Find a diet buddy:

As with every diet it will help if you have a buddy to support each other so you can share your experiences. If you live close by you could meet once a week or email or call so you will keep each other enthusiastic and engaged in this life transforming diet. Mutual feedback can be encouraging and supportive. Together you could decide to celebrate your new way of thinking by doing something special together every month.

5)      Gratitude Journal

Keep a gratitude journal by writing at the end of day where you are grateful for. It can be something small or big, a lot or a little. Just try to write something in your journal every day, something positive, even though your thoughts were maybe not so positive. This will also help you to go asleep with a grateful heart which will enhance a good night’s sleep.

Have Fun and Smile!


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