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Ocean Inspiration

“Going up side down, changes my perspective on life. Backbends open my heart for the love already here around me. Together they bring my mind at ease to experience this very moment. They raise my heartbeat and create heat to remind me of my body. Practicing outside in nature is magical and makes me feel

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I am (NOT YET) a Successful Yogini

Often if I tell a stranger that I am teaching yoga. The conclusion is drawn quickly; then you are probably very flexible and relaxed. Yes and no. In certain poses I can appear more flexible than average, while in other poses I can look more stiff than average. The better question is flexible compared to

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Note to self

It’s okay to be sad for no reason, It’s okay to laugh out loud for no particular reason, It’s okay to smile without knowing why, It’s okay to feel frustration again, It’s okay to feel anger passing by, It’s okay to be still, It’s okay to scream your lungs out for no clear reason, It’s

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Afro Flow Yoga

Have you heard of the latest dance-yoga combo yet? Nope? Neither did I, till yesterday. This combination is especially close to my heart, since I am deeply in love with yoga and have a strong connection with Africa and its culture as well. African dancing is an energetic, fun, powerful work-out and I always felt so much

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I wish you…..

A Wonderful Christmas filled with Laughter & Love,  And an amazing, inspirational, healthy, happy, surprising, enjoyable 2014! 🙂 Be Healthy, Be You! Namaste, Jacinta

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My way of dieting!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to prescribe myself a Mental Diet. I became aware how I easy it is to slide back into my old behaviour pattern of thinking negatively about myself, my life or others. Before you know I am complaining, comparing and judging. Time for a different attitude! So my aim

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