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Yoga Dudes for Movember

It is Movember! 🙂 Time to spread awareness for Broga (yoga for men). Yoga Dudes for Movember is raising awareness for men’s health through a Photo Contest and sending the message: Yoga is for guys, too! And ladies, don’t feel left out, you can enter the competition too! Just upload a yoga pose with you and

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Gentle is The New Advanced

What is advanced yoga nowadays? Being able do the most challenging yoga poses? For me an advanced yogi is characterized by its attitude towards life, his ability to calm down his mind, his trust in life and by breathing consciously among others. And the same time I love to challenge myself (and my students) and learn

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Tightness as a gift

Quite often I come across (potential) new yoga students who say; “I am too tight for yoga”. In my opinion you are never too tight for yoga. Not every pose will be accessible for every body, but this doesn’t make you a better yogi or yogini. A regular yoga practice is highly likely to increase

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Kiwi Time

The other day I was texting with my partner to find out when the plumber was going to arrive at our place. “In the afternoon, ‘kiwi time’” was his answer. This made me smile. This was the first time I heard someone say ‘kiwi time’. On google, I learned that Kiwi Time is also a

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You Do make a difference

  A couple of days ago I saw the movie I am a slave. I was upset while watching and still feel emotional if I think about it. This 2010 movie shows the story of one woman’s fight for freedom from modern-day slavery and gives insight in London’s shocking slave trade. It makes me feel frustrated, angry

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How to Use Ayurveda to Guide Your Yoga Practice

Ayurveda & Yoga are sister sciences from ancient India. Looking at your doshic integration is a great way to individualize your yoga practice so you can reach and maintain optimum health.Read my latest article on The Yoga Lunchbox

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Greeting Union

Yoga makes me feel alive….. Yoga connects me with happiness… Yoga teaches me to be humble…. Yoga brings joy… Yoga creates connection… Yoga guides me to inner freedom… Yoga is a great way to express myself… Yoga is a wonderful tool to become more peaceful.. Yoga means UNION In Northern Uganda, Yoga also means ‘Hello’;

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