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Pranayama is derived from two Sanskrit words: prana (life force) and ayama (control). So, in its broadest description, pranayama means ‘the control of the flow of life force’. Through the practice of pranayama you can achieve a healthy body and mind. Pranayama is the fourth limb within Patanjali’s Eight-fold path of Yoga. Patanjali says that […]

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Most people will think about Spanish appetizers when I mention tapas. However, I will write about tapas in terms of the third niyama. This niyama can be translated into austerity, self-discipline or motivation, all referring to one theme: the overcoming of distractions and desires to stay focused on your highest goals. In the western culture

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The first yama ahimsa, is usually translated as ‘non-violence’. It refers not only to physical violence, but also to the violence of words or thoughts. For me, the violence of words or thoughts is not as obvious and clear as physical violence. It makes me think; which of my thoughts or words are harmful? I

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